Don’t take our word for it… our customers say it best!


“I just wanted to call you and let you know that it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.  We are so happy we made this decision.  We had an idea of what was going on out there, but let me tell you something…we had no idea to the extent of how bad it really was.  It has literally turned this company around.  Thank you, thank you!”

MOS Electric


“This is without question the best investment our company has ever made!”

Reliable Fire


“Boatloads of payroll savings immediately!  We saw over 450 hours of payroll, totaling $5400 come off our books in the very first month…after 5 years, we are still saving 2-3 hours per week in payroll on our best employees!”

Air Makers Inc.


“We had to do it because it was about survival…When we approached our employees they changed their ways…We saw a $2,000 weekly decline in payroll and a $900 monthly decline in fuel…Believe me it works!”

Dutton Refrigeration


“We saw $5,500 in fuel savings in the first month.  The impact was much greater than we expected.  It was shocking!”

The Fence Company


“We installed it to keep our guys honest and to discover downtime so we could trim it from our procedures.   It has nothing to do with good employees and bad employees.  I wanted a better picture of what I am spending my money on…I think that’s in my job description somewhere.”

Best Sand & Gravel


“We use it primarily for payroll confirmation and as a safety device.  We post reports illustrating poor driving habits like speeding and harsh breaking events.  We also track vehicle stop idle and post that weekly.  I’d say by posting idle events and speeding events, that alone has cut fuel expense by 20%.”

Celey’s Quality Plumbing


“We had a less accurate GPS fleet system in place and had to replace it because we couldn’t depend on the information.  There’s no comparison between your system and the other…literally night and day.  When we pulled the first weeks reports, we found that one of our crews was trying to cheat the system in a way they must have with the other.  Your system nailed it and showed exactly what they were attempting to do.  It’s amazing and pretty sad how hard some of these guys will work on trying not to work.”

Poole’s Plumbing


“I found so much time wasted in every vehicle, except one driver.  It took me literally one week to understand the reality of my return.  We saved 40 to 45% on overtime payroll…over $8,000 per month.  It was truly amazing.”

Shuler Electric


“We have four-divisions set up with six supervisors running reports on a weekly basis.  It has become so apart of our operation that I can’t see how we ever managed our guys without it.  When we purchase a new truck, the first thing we do is order a unit to be installed on it.  It is that crucial!  It won’t leave our yard until it has one.”

Chisholm Service


“Fuel savings alone has paid for this system many times over within the first 6-months of installation.  Reclaiming my sanity was just another added benefit.”

CRS Building Automation


“Okay here’s our testimonial…AMAZING!  Just put that in capital letters with an exclamation mark.  Besides the obvious, because we knew what was going on out there…if you want to know what has surprised me the most, it’s the ease of use.  If I want to see every stop made, I click “Reports”.  If I get a call from someone on the road that one of my guys was speeding, I click “Tracking” and see exactly where he was speeding if he was speeding at all.  We love it.”

Security Services of America


“We had a service technician van stolen…we located it in seconds, notified the sheriff department, and recovered it within a couple of hours…not only did we recover over $50,000 worth of company assets before it was damaged, we were able to provide the sheriff with the exact locations of every stop the thief made while he had our vehicle.  Additional arrests were made because of it.”

Pepsi Cola


“We installed the live system because we needed to understand, in real time, where our people were and to substantiate their time at stops.  They were starting to complain that the scheduling was too tight … Let’s put it this way, after installation we found so much wasted time with each employee, at each jobsite, we were able to not only maintain the load per technician immediately, but increase the work-load on several of the trucks.  Now we don’t have to add the two trucks, and more importantly, two new payrolls we thought we needed to add.”

City of Raleigh


“We’re saving $50,000 a month on our fuel bill…it’s a responsibility of the employer to know what is going on out there.”

Orkin Pest Control


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